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Tumeric Brightening Soap Bar

Tumeric Brightening Soap Bar

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Our Turmeric soap is made with coconut milk and vitamin c.

Some key ingredients:
*Beta Arbutin
*Vitamin C
*Alpha Arbutin

✅Beta Arbutin is extracted from bearberry plant and help in stopping the formation of dark spots.

✅Vitamin C rich in antioxidants also inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance.

✅Turmeric used in Ayurveda for centuries for its natural properties reduce acne and any resulting scars. The anti-inflammatory qualities can target clog pores and calm chaotic skin.

Our combination of ingredients may help your face clear up from acne breakouts resulting in clear glowing complexion.

Ingredients: Water, Sorbitol, Sodium Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Glycerin, Coconut Fruit Juice, Titanium Dioxide, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin C, Alpha arbutin, Beta Arbutin, Stearic Acid, Turmeric, Essential oil

* This is a Glycerin base soap